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How to Pay the SEC

The available payment option for each payee type (debtor) is summarized in the table below. Additional details are provided within each of the following subheadings.

Payee Payment Method Available
  Pay.gov Mail Fedwire

Enforcement Debtors


FOIA Requestors


Certification Requestors


Non-Federal Sponsors/Foreign Authorities


Self Regulatory Organizations (SRO)


Filing Fee Registrants


Vendor Overpayments (effective September 15)



Payments can be submitted directly from a bank account or by credit/debit card using Pay.gov. The Pay.gov Web Site allows remitters to make secure payments electronically to the SEC. It is an easy and convenient system that is available 7 days a week - 24 hours a day. Pay.gov is currently accepting remittances for the following debt types on behalf of the SEC program divisions:

  • Disgorgement and Civil Penalties. This option using the ACH debit selection is only available to debtors where the judgment/order instructs them to remit payment to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Payments directed to the Courts or other third party entities cannot be accepted through this payment portal.
  • FOIA and Certifications
  • Travel Reimbursements by Non-Federal Sponsors (Host Pay)
  • Vendor Overpayments

The link below directs you to the pay.gov website.


Please refer to the following link for detailed instructions to debtors on how to remit payments online using the pay.gov website.



Checks or money orders payable to the SEC should be mailed to the address below, except for filing fee payments.

Enterprise Services Center
Accounts Receivable Branch
6500 South MacArthur Blvd
HQ Bldg, Room 181, AMZ-341
Oklahoma City, OK 73169

Mailing Checks and Money Orders for Filing Fee Payments

To remit a payment for a SEC filing fee by check or money order, you must make them payable to the Securities and Exchange Commission, omitting the name or title of any official of the Commission. On the front of the check or money order, you must include the SEC’s account number (152307768324) and CIK number of the account to which the fee is to be applied.

You must mail checks (certified or cashier’s check) or money orders to the following addresses. U.S. Bank does not support walk-in deliveries by individuals.

For USPS remittances, they MUST be sent to the following PO Box address.

Securities & Exchange Commission
P.O. Box 979081
St. Louis, MO  63197-9000

The following address can be used for common carriers such as FedEx, Airborne, DHL, and UPS.

U.S. Bank
Government Lockbox 979081
1005 Convention Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63101

Wire Transfer (FedWire)

  • This option is available to Enforcement debtors, SROs, Nonfederal Travel Sponsors or Registrants.
  • For Disgorgement and Civil Penalty debts:

    The SEC debtor can contact the SEC Division of Enforcement Staff Attorney associated with the case in order to obtain the wire instructions.

    Please have the debtor contact the Treasury Operations Branch in the Office of Financial Management at TOB_General@sec.gov or 202-551-7940 if they need assistance with executing the Fedwire instructions.

  • For Section 31 Fees, Vendor Overpayments and Travel Reimbursements:

    The Self Regulatory Organization (SRO), Non-Federal Sponsor or Foreign Authority or SEC Vendor can contact the Treasury Operations Branch in the Office of Financial Management at TOB_General@sec.gov or 202-551-7940 for instructions on how to remit a FedWire.

  • For Filing Fees
    The registrant can contact the Filing Fees & General Accounting Branch in the Office of Financial Management at (202) 551-8989 for instructions on how to remit FedWire for filing fees.
    Further information and details are available at:

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact the Treasury Operations Branch in the Office of Financial Management at TOB_General@sec.gov or 202-551-7940.



Modified: 07/13/2012