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SEC FAIR Act Inventory

The "Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act," P.L. 105-270 (the FAIR Act), requires Federal agencies to prepare by June 30th of each year inventories of their commercial activities performed by Federal employees. Upon completion of this process, a copy of the inventory must be transmitted to Congress and made available to the public. In compliance with the FAIR Act, the SEC's inventory follows.

The FAIR Act establishes a two-step administrative challenge and appeals process under which an interested party, as defined by the act, may challenge the omission or inclusion of a particular activity on the inventory.

*  FAIR Inventory 2012 (PDF)

*  FAIR Inventory 2011 (PDF)

*  FAIR Inventory 2010 (PDF)

*  FAIR Inventory 2009 (PDF)

*  FAIR Inventory 2008 (PDF)

*  FAIR Inventory 2007 (PDF)

*  FAIR Inventory 2006 (PDF)

*  FAIR Inventory 2005 (PDF)

*  FAIR Inventory 2004 (PDF)

*  FAIR Inventory 2003 (PDF)

*  FAIR Inventory 2002 (PDF)

*  FAIR Inventory 2001 (PDF version)



Modified: 07/12/2012