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  • Winter
  • Matt Cain, Jill E. Fisch, Sean J. Griffith, and Steven Davidoff Solomon, 2015, Provoking Corporate Governance Innovation: The Case of the Golden Leash, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, forthcoming.
  • Brad Jordan and Tim Riley, 2015, Volatility and Mutual Fund Manager Skill, Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.
  • Kose John, Anzhela Knyazeva and Diana Knyazeva, 2015, Employee Rights and Acquisitions, Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.
  • Peter Iliev, Karl V. Lins, Darius P. Miller, and Lukas Roth, 2015, Shareholder Voting and Corporate Governance around the World, Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.
  • Thomas Dangl and Youchang Wu, 2015, Corporate Investment over the Business Cycle, Review of Finance, forthcoming.
  • Jeffrey Jaffe, Jan Jindra, David Pedersen, Torben Voetman, 2015, Returns to Acquirers of Public and Subsidiary Targets, Journal of Corporate Finance, 31:246-270. (updated)
  • Stephen G. Dimmock, William C. Gerken, and Jennifer Marietta-Westberg, What Determines the Allocation of Managerial Ownership within Firms? Evidence from Investment Management Firms, 2014, Journal of Corporate Finance, 30:44-64.
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  • Fall
  • Mark Flannery, 2014, Contingent Capital Instruments for Large Financial Institutions: A Review of the Literature, Annual Review of Financial Economics 6:225-240. (updated)
  • Nicole Boyson, Jean Helwege, and Jan Jindra, 2014, Crises, Liquidity Shocks, and Fire Sales at Commercial Banks, Financial Management, 43(4):857-884.
  • Tim Husson, Craig J. McCann, Eddie O'Neal and Carmen Taveras, 2014, Large Sample Valuations of Tenancies-in-Common, Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management 20(2): 147-161.
  • Summer
  • John Chalmers, Woodrow T. Johnson, and Jonathan Reuter, 2014, The Effect of Pension Design on Employer Costs and Employee Retirement Choices, Journal of Public Economics, 116: 17-34.
  • Jan Jindra and Dima Leshchinskii, 2014, Venture Capital Valuation, Partial Adjustment, and Underpricing: Behavioral Bias or Information Production?, Financial Review, 50(2):172-219. (updated)
  • Christopher P. Clifford, Bradford D. Jordan, and Timothy B. Riley, 2014, Average funds versus average dollars: Implications for mutual fund research, Journal of Empirical Finance, 28:249-260. (updated).
  • Spring
  • Jim Hodder, Jens Jackwerth and Olga Kolokolova, 2014, Improved Portfolio Choice Using Second-Order Stochastic Dominance, Review of Finance, forthcoming.
  • Stephen Lenkey, Acar Tamersoy, Elias Khalil, Bo Xie, Bryan R. Routledge, Duen Horng Chau and Shamkant B. Navathe, 2014, Large Scale Insider Trading Analysis: Patterns and Discoveries, Social Network Analysis and Mining 4:201. (updated)
  • Winter
  • Matt Cain and Stephen B. McKeon, 2014, CEO Personal Risk-Taking and Corporate Policies, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming.
  • Matt Cain and Steven M. Davidoff, 2015, A Great Game: The Dynamics of State Competition and Litigation, Iowa Law Review, 100:465. (updated)
  • Stephen Lenkey, 2014, Advance Disclosure of Insider Trading, Review of Financial Studies 27(8): 2504-2537. (updated)
  • Sarah Clinton, Josh White and Tracie Woidtke, 2014, Differences in the information environment prior to seasoned equity offerings under relaxed disclosure regulation, Journal of Accounting and Economics 58(1):59-78. (updated)
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  • Archana Jain, Pankaj K. Jain, Thomas McInish, and Michael Mckenzie, 2013, Worldwide Short Selling: Regulations, Activity, and Implications, Journal of Financial Economics 109: 177-197
  • Ying Huang, Susan Elkinawy, and Pankaj K. Jain, 2013, Investor Protection and Cash Holdings: Evidence from U.S. Cross-listings, Journal of Banking and Finance 37: 937-951.
  • Cindy Alexander, Scott Bauguess, Gennaro Bernile, Yoon-Ho Alex Lee, and Jennifer Marietta-Westberg, 2013, Economic Effects of SOX Section 404 Compliance: A Corporate Insider Perspective, Journal of Accounting and Economics 56(2-3): 267-290.
  • Harold Black, Robert Schweitzer, Joshua White and Tracie Woidtke, 2014, Appointments of Academic Directors, Journal of Corporate Finance, 28:135-151. (updated)
  • Stephen Brown, Bruce Grundy, Craig M. Lewis and Patrick Verwijmeren, 2013, Hedge Fund Involvement in Convertible Securities, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance 25(4): 60-73.
  • Marie Dutordoir, Craig M. Lewis, James K. Seward and Chris Veld, 2014, What We Do and Do Not Know about Convertible Bond Financing, Journal of Corporate Finance 24: 3-20.(updated)
  • Robert W. Fairlie and Samantha Grunberg, 2014, Access to Technology and the Transfer Function of Community Colleges: Evidence from a Field Experiment, Economic Inquiry 52(3): 1040-1059.(updated)
  • Giulio Girardi and Tolga Ergun, 2013, Systemic Risk Measurement: Multivariate GARCH Estimation of CoVaR, Journal of Banking and Finance 37: 3169-3180.
  • Vladimir Ivanov, Kissan Joseph, and Jide Wintoki, 2013, Disentangling the Market Value of Customer Satisfaction: Evidence from Market Reaction to the Unanticipated Component of ACSI Announcements, International Journal of Research in Marketing 30: 168-178.
  • Gergana Jostova, Stanislava (Stas) Nikolova, Alexander Philipov and Christof W. Stahel, 2013, Momentum in Corporate Bond Returns, Review of Financial Studies 26: 1649-1693.
  • Igor Kozhanov and Joseph Ogden, 2013, Corporate Retail Notes: A Good Alternative for Individual Investors?, Journal of Fixed Income 23: 82-97.
  • Jongsub Lee, Kwang Lee, and Nandu Nagarajan, 2014, Birds of a Feather: Value Implications of Political Alignment Between Top Management and Directors, Journal of Financial Economics 112(2): 232-250. (updated)
  • Stephen Lenkey, Activist Arbitrage, 2014, Lifeboats, and Closed-End Funds, Review of Finance 18(1): 271-320. (updated)
  • Craig M. Lewis and Patrick Verwijmeren, 2014, Cash-settled Convertible Bonds and the Value Relevance of their Accounting Treatment, Journal of Corporate Finance 24: 101-111.(updated)
  • Simona Mola, Raghavendra Rau, and Ajay Khorana, 2013, Is There Life after the Complete Loss of Analyst Coverage?, The Accounting Review 88: 667-705.
  • Simona Mola, 2013, Framing the Initiation of Analyst Coverage on IPOs, Journal of Behavioral Finance 14: 25-41.
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  • Vladimir Atanasov, Vladimir Ivanov, and Kate Litvak, Does Reputation Limit Opportunistic Behavior in the VC Industry? Evidence from Litigation Against VCs, 2012, Journal of Finance 67, 2215-2246.
  • Scott Bauguess, Marie Sushka and Myron Slovin, Recapitalization as a Restructuring Mechanism at Closely Held Firms, 2012, Journal of Banking and Finance 36, 1244-1253.
  • Henk Berkman, Paul Koch, Laura Tuttle and Ying Zhang, Paying Attention: Overnight Returns and the Hidden Cost of Buying at the Open, 2012, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 47, 715-741.
  • Audra Boone and Vladimir Ivanov, Bankruptcy Spillover Effects on Strategic Alliance Partners, 2012, Journal of Financial Economics 103, 551-569.
  • Nicole M. Boyson, Christof W. Stahel, and René M. Stulz, Liquidity Shocks and Hedge Fund Contagion, 2012, The Journal of Investment Management 10, 13-34.
  • Stephen J. Brown, Bruce D. Grundy, Craig M. Lewis and Patrick Verwijmeren, Convertibles and Hedge Funds as Distributors of Equity Exposure, 2012, Review of Financial Studies 25, 3077 - 3112.
  • Mark J. Flannery, Stanislava (Stas) Nikolova and Özde Öztekin, Leverage Expectations and Bond Credit Spreads, 2012, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 47, 689-714. [Lead article]
  • Kathleen Weiss Hanley and Gerard Hoberg, Litigation Risk, Strategic Disclosure and the Underpricing of Initial Public Offerings, 2012, Journal of Financial Economics 103, 235-254.
  • K. Jeremy Ko and Zhijian (James) Huang, Persistence of Beliefs in an Investment Experiment, 2012, Quarterly Journal of Finance 2.
  • Yoon-Ho Alex Lee and K. Jeremy Ko, Consumer Mistakes in the Mortgage Market: Choosing Unwisely Versus Not Switching Wisely, 2012, University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law 14, 417-462.
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  • Barry Eichengreen, Rachita Gullapalli and Ugo Panizza, Capital Account Liberalization, Financial Development and Industry Growth: A Synthetic View, 2011, Journal of International Money and Finance 60, 1090-1106.
  • Vladimir Ivanov, C.N.V. Krishnan, Ron Masulis, and Ajai Singh, Venture Capital Reputation, Post-IPO Performance, and Corporate Governance, 2011, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 46, 1295-1333.
  • Craig M. Lewis and Patrick Verwijmeren, Convertible Security Design and Contract Innovation, 2011, Journal of Corporate Finance 17, 809-831.
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  • Cindy Alexander, Mark Chen, Duane Seppi, and Chester Spatt, Interim News and the Role of Proxy Voting Advice, 2010, Review of Financial Studies 23, 4496-4540.
  • Milan Borkovec and Hans G. Heidle, Building and Evaluating a Transaction Cost Model: A Primer, 2010, Journal of Trading 5, 57-77.
  • Steven L. Byers, Using Derivatives to Manage Interest Rate Risk, 2010, in Robert Kolb and James Overdahl, ed. Companion to Financial Derivatives (John Wiley & Sons).
  • Nicole M. Boyson, Christof W. Stahel, and René M. Stulz, Hedge Fund Contagion and Liquidity Shocks, 2010, Journal of Finance 65, 1789–1816.
  • Nicole M. Boyson and Christof W. Stahel, Liquidity and Hedge Fund Contagion, 2010, in Robert W. Kolb, ed. Financial Contagion: The Viral Threat to the Wealth of Nations, (John Wiley & Sons, Inc).
  • Amy Edwards and Kathleen Weiss Hanley, Short Selling in Initial Public Offerings, 2010, Journal of Financial Economics 98, 21-39.
  • Kathleen Weiss Hanley and Gerard Hoberg, The Information Content of IPO Prospectuses, 2010, Review of Financial Studies 23, 2821-2864.
  • Vladimir Ivanov and Fei Xie, Do Corporate Venture Capitalists Add Value to Startup Firms? Evidence from IPOs and Acquisitions of VC-Backed Companies, 2010, Financial Management, 120-152.
  • Woodrow T. Johnson, Do Investors Trade Uniformly through Time?, 2010, Journal of Empirical Finance 17, 645-658.
  • Woodrow T. Johnson, Who Incentivizes the Mutual Fund Manager, New or Old Shareholders?, 2010, Journal of Financial Intermediation 19, 143-168. [Lead article]
  • Ralph Walkling, Scott Bauguess, Jim Dunigan, Damien Park, Patrick McGurn, and Don Chew, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, and the Search for Long-term Investors, 2010, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance 22, 58-74.
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  • Scott Bauguess, Sara Moeller, Frederik Schlingemann, and Chad Zutter, Ownership Structure and Target Returns, 2009, Journal of Corporate Finance 15, 48-65.
  • Anchada Charoenrook and Craig M. Lewis, Information and Selective Disclosure, 2009, Financial Management 38, 39-58.
  • Amar Gande and Craig M. Lewis, Shareholder Initiated Class Action Lawsuits: Shareholder Wealth Effects and Industry Feedback, 2009, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 44, 823-850.
  • William C. Johnson and Jennifer Marietta-Westberg, The Distribution of IPO Holdings Across Institutional Mutual Funds, 2009, Journal of Business Ethics 90, 119-128.
  • William C. Johnson and Jennifer Marietta-Westberg, Universal Banking, Asset Management, and Stock Underwriting, 2009, European Financial Management 15, 703-732.
  • K. Jeremy Ko, Leveraged Investor Disclosures and Concentrations of Risk, 2009, Journal of Financial Markets 12, 368-390.
  • Simona Mola and Massimo Guidolin, Affiliated Mutual Funds and Analyst Optimism, 2009, Journal of Financial Economics 93, 108-137.
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  • Scott Bauguess and Mike Stegemoller, Protective Governance Structure and the Value of Acquisition Activity, 2008, Journal of Corporate Finance 14, 550-566.
  • Vladimir Ivanov and Craig M. Lewis, The Determinants of Market-Wide Issue Cycles for Initial Public Offerings, 2008, Journal of Corporate Finance 14, 567-583.
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  • Milan Borkovec and Hans G. Heidle, The Magic of Hindsight: Creating a Post-Trade Transaction Cost Estimate Based on Realized Market Conditions, 2007, Journal of Trading 2, 34-49.
  • Amy K. Edwards, Lawrence E. Harris, and Michael S. Piwowar, Corporate Bond Market Transaction Costs and Transparency, 2007, Journal of Finance 62, 1421-1451.
  • K. Jeremy Ko and Zhijian (James) Huang, Arrogance Can Be a Virtue: Overconfidence, Information Acquisition, and Market Efficiency, 2007, Journal of Financial Economics 84, 529-560.
  • Michael Rosen and Harvey Westbrook, Hidden Treasures: Accessing Hidden Liquidity, 2007, in Brian R. Bruce, ed. A Guide to Liquidity (Institutional Investor Journals)
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  • Amy K. Edwards, Corporate Bond Market Microstructure and Transparency: the US Experience, 2006, BIS Papers 26.
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  • Chris Hogan and Craig M. Lewis, Long-Run Investment Decisions, Operating Performance, and Shareholder Value Creation of Firms Adopting Compensation Plans Based on Economic Profits, 2005, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 40, 721-746.
  • Tim Loughran and Jennifer Marietta-Westberg, Divergence of Opinion Surrounding Extreme Events, 2005, European Financial Management 11, 579-601.
  • Tim Loughran and Jennifer Marietta-Westberg, The Timing Ability of Newly Listed NYSE Firms, 1926-1962, 2005, Journal of Behavioral Finance, 6, 44-56.
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